Mod Podge Poster

I recently found a bunch of posters and prints at our local Michaels on clearance. I ended up grabbing every single one that caught my eye! I decided to try using Mod Podge to mount the posters onto plywood. I begun my cutting the plywood to the right dimensions (actually Mr. Home Depot did this) and then painted the edges white. Then I covered the plywood and back of the poster with a coat of Mod Podge and pressed the poster onto the plywood. I stacked a bunch of books and furniture onto the poster/plywood for a couple of hours while it dried. I then sanded and distressed the poster, and finished with a couple coast of Mod Podge to seal it.



And guess what?! I was watching Big Bang Theory the other day, and this is what I saw:


Look there, behind Sheldon! It’s my poster! Well, not “my” poster, but the exact same print! I couldn’t believe it. I guess I must have good taste if the same poster is on TV.


Homemade Christmas

Making gifts is so much fun for me! I love creating things, and I love seeing someone’s face as they open a handmade gift from me. I have made a conscious goal these past couple years to try and make as many gifts as possible. Sometimes it’s just not possible to give someone a handmade gift that they will enjoy, especially when you have a 14 year old brother who couldn’t be bothered by anything other than lego, video games and his cell phone. Alot of gifts I make are inspired by pictures I see on Pinterest or items I find on Etsy. Here are a couple gifts that I made this year:

IMG_5227 IMG_5248 IMG_5328

A Superman pillow, burlap and teal book bag and a photo pillow.


Another photo pillow and two kid-sized floor cushions (or “reading pillows”).

DSC00981 IMG_5190

A homemade “Hermes” inspired blanket and DIY shell trees.

DSC00964A fleece tie blanket with appliqued name.

DSC00980And last, a toddler sized snuggle quilt.

This Christmas was a great time filled with blessings and family. I had a great time making all of these gifts, and know that the recipients all enjoyed them.

Hope you all had a great Christmas season!

Christmas Ornaments

When my now husband moved out into his own apartment for the first time I got busy making ornaments to decorate his tree. Three years later, we are married and spending our first Christmas in our own home. It is the first time we’ve had a real Christmas tree, and it is about three times bigger than the tiny fake tree we previously had. All the ornaments on our tree have special meaning to us, and I have personally made almost more than half of them. My favorite ones to make were definitely the hand stitched felt ornaments! They are so easy to make, but are so pretty!

summer 2012 009 DSC00434IMG_5232

The progression of our trees from 2011-2013.

summer 2012 004summer 2012 006summer 2012 007IMG_5314IMG_5315IMG_5316IMG_5317IMG_5318IMG_5319  IMG_5307IMG_5310IMG_5312IMG_5308IMG_5311

All of my felt ornaments! I love them all.


And, last but not least, my favorite ornament this year! The white part is pieces of lace from my wedding dress, but you’d never know it because it looks so pretty.

Hope you like them all!

DIY Pallet Wood Clock

Our kitchen was definitely missing something, and when I saw this post on making your own clock I knew it was just what the room needed. My husband spent an afternoon salvaging pallet wood at his dad’s work and then together we created this clock.



Originally we had wanted to make the clock circular, however, we both loved how it look square so we left it that way. We got the clock mechanism from Michael’s for about $5 (with a 40% off coupon). Following the tutorial’s instructions I cut out the clock numbers from  four pop cans. I tried nailing them on the clock but the nails wouldn’t budge, so I hot glued them on.



I love how it turned out and am even happier that my husband and I made it together!

Hand-Painted Christmas Signs

My husband’s work was holding a craft and bake silent auction this past week and I made some baking and these hand-painted wood signs. They were a ton of fun to make and I used salvaged pallet wood from my father-in-law’s work.



I saw this sign and this sign on Pinterest and used them as inspiration. I really love how they turned out and may just have to make a couple more for our house. Here are a couple more pictures of the signs up in our house.



New Adventures


I’ve decided to start this blog in order to share my endeavours into crafting, baking and sewing. I love cooking, making gifts for friends and family, shopping at thrift stores and finding ways to make our apartment feel like a home. I got married to the most amazing man last year and would love to share some details of our wedding.

Hope you all enjoy,

Janneke ❤